[Question] How many shaders are required to crash on load?

I noticed when loading Fire Emblem Awakening with Disk Shader Cache on that the emulator has to load 4919 shaders before starting the game. This was more than previous startups, which had numbers increasing from 2000. As the emulator was noted to crash before with Disk Shader Cache on, I was wondering how many shaders would be needed in order for the emulator to crash when starting up the game?

Same but mine was up to 8000 I hope someone can help us

Okay found it go to user>shaders>opengl>precompiled/transferable(remove everything inside those folders


And I thought I’m the only one who have this kind of issue. Thanks for the tip!

If your citra crashes with disk shader caching on, then this is a bug and I will look at fixing it. If you have a crash, please let me know.

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I’m having the same situation, the shaders just keep going up as you progress through the game and eventually my computer can’t handle it at 6000 shaders. Now I can’t even load the game as citra keep on crashing at shaders loading screen.

I signed up for this forum just to say that my shader cache has bloated to over 11 thousand shaders and now crashes Citra even if I have absolutely nothing else running in the background besides necessities.

I’m using Citra Nightly for play Zelda A Link between world’s and it crashes with disk shader caching on, all pc turns off after try to iniciate the game. Citra Nightly 1451

My system
i5 8250U
1tb HDD

is it alright to turn off the disk shader?