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Hello everyone. So i wanted to update citra to the latest version but i have read posts about people losing their game saves and all. So can anyone plzz help me explain how to update without losing my save files. I don’t want them to get deleted. Thnx in advance :slight_smile:

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I just need help regarding how to update my citra without losing my game progress

I’m not aware of any issues regarding save files and the latest Citra versions. Could you show me what posts you are referring to?

No not the lastest citra version i just have saw people talk about how they lost their save files while updating citra. Though it might jave happened a long time ago. But i just wanted to know if i update citra now will i keep my game progress intact after update or i have to do something to keep ot safe? Thnx in advance as well

I see no reason why it would corrupt your save files or something like that. Updating Citra itself doesn’t affect your save file folders at all to begin with. If you’re really worried. You can start up your older Citra version, head to File>Open Citra Folder and then copy all the folders in here and paste them somewhere as a back up. Though, this isn’t really necessary.

Ahh ok thnx for the info just 1 last question how do i update citra? Like should i download the latest version and extract and run it or Delete my older version of citra abd then download new version? Help will be mich appreciated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Not sure why you pinged golden. He doesn’t usually do support for Citra.

Important, if you’re using a portable version of Citra (one with a folder called user in the same folder as citra-qt.exe, you need to back up this user folder before following the steps below).

This is assuming you’re on Windows:
I’m assuming you don’t have the installer version of Citra installed as that would normally prompt you to update every time you launched it. But in case you disabled it manually, you can check this in Citra’s settings. Go to Emulation>Configuration>General and check the box for Check for updates on start

Press OK and then restart Citra. It should prompt you to update.

If you’re on a portable build, back up your user folder to somewhere safe, then delete the Citra installation you have installed. Then download Citra’s installer from our website and install it. Then run Citra from your search bar and go to File>Open Citra Folder. Paste the folders from your backed up user folder inside of this folder.

I think i am using a portable build since i don’t get the option to keep update on. So the user forlder u were talking about where can i find it?

@SleepingSnake ur help will be mich appreciated here :grin:

In the same place that your Citra installation is kept. If you’re using a portable build, that would be where ever you placed it yourself.

I dont have anything like citra installation

@SleepingSnake this is all i could find

Found it using citra then file>open citra folder

How do you usually start Citra?

By double clicking it from desktop

Also i probably have the portable version but not the update option

Right click on your shortcut and select Properties. Tell me what it says in the Target bar.

Ut says C:\Users\DELL\Downloads\canary-mingw\citra-qt.exe

Well, then that’s where it is, in your downloads folder. Follow the path and open the canary-mingw folder. See if there’s a folder called user in here.

@SleepingSnake i did but didn’t find user folder