Questions about compatibility reports that could be considered "invalid"

I was excited to see that submitting compatibility reports was now made much easier, but I have a couple of questions about using this:

  1. when submitting compatibility reports, is it important for the tested game to have been a personally dumped ROM, or is it irrelevant when it comes to making these reports? I’m well-aware that Citra (and generally any emulator for fairly recent game systems) has played high importance on users obtaining all of their games and system files legally, but does this extend to compatibility reports as well? Or is a report simply a report, and anything regarding the legality of the tested ROMs, doesn’t matter (with the exception of possible errors that might’ve happened as a result of simply grabbing ROMs/system files online and not personally dumping them yourself)?

  2. For any compatibility category above “Intro/Menu”, are reports that have not gone through the entire game from start to finish, still valid? I’ve started up a couple of games that have not been tested according to Citra (Bravely Default For the Sequel, Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold, and The Alliance Alice), and all three (or at least one of them) are able to go past the title screens and go ingame without seemingly any issues, and I would like to be able to make it clear that these games can at least go past the title screen. But is it mandatory that I play them from start-to-finish as well, otherwise the report is considered invalid?

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  1. The report compatibility feature cannot tell whether a ROM is legally dumped or not. However users are expected to dump the games that they own and it’s part of the community rules. When you dump your own games, you ensure that the ROM is not corrupted and any issue you encounter is with Citra’s code and not the ROM.

  2. Intro/Menu rating means that the game can only reach the the Start Screen or before it. It is recommended for users to finish a game before submitting a compatibility report for accurate compatibility ratings. Not finishing a game won’t necessarily make a compatibility report invalid but there might be issues that can arise later in the game which would make the rating less accurate. Keep in mind the ratings are calculated using the weighted average of compatibility submissions from each game.


Okay, I see. Thank you for answering my questions.

So from what I understand, using a ROM that has not been personally and legally dumped in compatibility reports is also against the rules, or at least strongly discouraged?

Since the report compatibility feature cannot tell, the community rules cannot be enforced there so it is discouraged.

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Okay then, thanks for answering.