Quick state load keeps opening Citra folder

First when I use the quick state load it just goes too the savestate rather than opening up folders for me to look for the file.
I try to use the other build and reinstalling citra but it keeps happening. anyway to fix this?

It’s working as intended, load state(CTRL+V) is suppoed to load the newest save state. If you want to open its folder you have to do File->Open Citra Folder) then open the states folder.

Thanks for the reply, I think i’m writing typo on there.
What I meant is at first whenever I quick state load it goes directly to the save. I think at some time I keep mashing some button while quick state load and then from then on whenever I trying to quick state load it opens up a folder first rather load the save directly.

Btw It’s fixed, I reinstalled the citra then remove all of it’s folder on appdata/roaming then it back to normal.