Quickstart guide help!

Hello all, just want to chip in & test yuzu as I believe it has the potential to be a great emulator for the switch. With that outta the way, I’m up to step 2k but im confused in 1 part… Copy the keys template from step 1 into ***%YUZU_DIR%/keys*** and make sure it is still named console.keys . Open console.keys and replace the large XXXX...XXX strings with the corresponding key from biskeydump. You should have copied:

  • tsec_key
  • bis_key_0_crypt
  • bis_key_0_tweak
  • bis_key_1_crypt
  • bis_key_1_tweak
  • bis_key_2_crypt
  • bis_key_2_tweak I can’t seem to find this directory… I was able to get a blue box with the biskeysdumps & copied a file to a 32gb exfat formatted sd card… So far I think i’m doing good, except for not being able to find the yuzu keys directory… I googled & it tells me to go to C:\Users"User Name"\AppData\Roaming\yuzu. I did this but there is no keys folder in that directory. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you all.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Hi, I’m Zach & I wrote the guide your using.
If you just create a folder called keys in the yuzu directory and put the console.keys file in that new keys folder you made, it should work.

Hi Zach & TYVM! Still stuck as I generated what appears to be 7 keys & they are named accordingly…

secure_boot_key = XXXXXX
tsec_key = XXXXXX
device_key = XXXXXX
bis_key_00 = XXXXXX
bis_key_01 = XXXXXX
bis_key_02 = XXXXXX
bis_key_03 = XXXXXX

Now these don’t match up with the biskeys template which was given in your guide… Your guide has 7 keys for its template also but what’s written there doesn’t match what’s generated on my console.keys file. Your template has this…

console.keys – Console Specific Nintendo Switch Keys

yuzu assumes that you also have BOOT0, PRODINFO, BCPKG2, fuses, and needed system saves (43, E1, E2).

If you don’t have all of those components in sysdata, you will need additional keys.

Refer to the dumping guide for more details – you might have missed a step!

Each Key is 32 digits in length. If they are 64 digits, then the first 32 are crypt and second 32 are tweak.

BIS key 2 and 3 are the same. If they are not, please write down BIS Key 3 as well.

Falcon Keys


BIS Keys


So in other words I’m wondering which #'s do I match up with which key dumps? I’m guessing tsec key & what was generated from my switch is pretty self-explanatory… & the others?

So sorry, I’m just now seeing what was said about 64 digit keycode. Will proceed accordingly.

Ok so now I’m up to step 3L & i’m stuck. Upon doing this… * Extract the sept folder from the Kosmos download and place the sept folder onto your SDcard.

  • 3i. Drag and drop the bin file from step 1 of this guide onto the TegraRCMSmash.exe program. It should flash briefly and not stay open, and your switch should now display some text on it. If it did not, make sure you have carefully followed all of the previous steps and try again. I’ve done all of the above but cannot get into hekate. Instead it takes me to the biskeysdumps… Any clue?