Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology Font Texture Pack

I wanted to play Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology but the text was just awful to read, which is pretty brutal for a dialog-heavy JRPG. So I eventually found the font it uses for most of its text (HY TaJa Medium with tweaks to the i, g, j, p, and q characters) and re-rendered all of the font sheets I’ve encountered so far at 4x.

I had to place the symbols manually since I couldn’t find a tool that would support both the font and asymmetric cells. So it’s not perfect and I didn’t replace every symbol (with the assumption that many are unused in the English version of the game). Furthermore there’s a lot of menu text that’s rendered in other textures not included at the moment, some with different fonts; all of that text has been left as-is. Still I think it’s much easier to read all the dialogue when it’s crisp.

Without further ado:
magnet link

4x without texture:

4x with texture:


Just thought i’d create an account to write a BIG THANK YOU!!

This is a huge improvement! Along with the 4k texture pack this game is looking really awesome! :slight_smile:

While i’m posting here, if anyone is interested, i made a small 9 texture files pack which has Playstation Icons for the button prompt


So instead of A it will show the playstation icon X,
I personally put the 3ds X as Triangle (open menu),
and 3DS Y as Square (attack in the field), Circle is B = cancel…