Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology Full texture pack

Just finished the game and loved it, made a full texture pack while doing so, hopes this makes more people enjoy it

If you have tried to play it on a big screen then you would immediately notice is night and day, the rar is separated between game textures and opening up-scaling.

Recommended Internal resolution is 4X

Some images

I up scaled every single texture in the game, sprites, fonts, environment, art . And trust me without this everything would just look like a pixels mess it was unplayable for me until i decided to start this

Dlc was upscaled too well most of them (Only did the girls art in te bath dlc lol)

Hope you enjoy

Amazing work dude. I’m trying to work on FE IF HD texture but very limited on time sadly D:

Sadly, it doesn’t work on android version.

I tried doing it in citra mjj for android but everything is black and it wont show textures. Do you know what the problem is? I placed everything in the texture folder for the game USA version

Do you know the reason why? Is there a way to make it work?