Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology HD Texture Pack v1.0

This is a 4x A.I upscale of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology (USA) done using ERSGAN with a few smaller touch ups done by hand. Here are some notes on the pack:

-All the games UI, Fonts, CGs, and world/battle textures were upscaled 4x with several different models
-All DLC portraits, areas and cgs were also upscaled (Chibi’s are WIP still)
-CG images with official HD releases were reformatted and used in the place of their upscales where possible (this is still WIP)
-Mini portraits in the UI were remade from higher resolution images instead of using upscales
-All portrait seams were fixed by hand some by trimming and others by recreating the emotion frames
-Font is just upscaled font with some touchups for now, it still looks ok imo (A proper HD font made by Mikewando use to exist but the link is now dead sadly)
-Sprites and anything sprite related were left mostly untouched, you can grab filtered sprites from ZTDZ’s pack if you want them.
-All parts of the texture pack are separated by folders so you can find, replace, add or remove what you want a bit more easily
-Upscaled enemy battle icons were left in for flavor (these can be easily removed by deleting the folder in \00040000001C8F00\Enemy Battle Icons)
-Several easter eggs to the game Radiata Stories were also sprinkled inn (these can be easily removed by deleting the folder in \00040000001C8F00\Textures\Custom)

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/AQUZXAm

Download: Radiant Historia HD Texture Pack v1.0

Install Instructions:

  1. Find your backup of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology (USA) in your list of games in CITRA and right click it
  2. Press “Open Custom Textures Directory”
  3. Inside of the pack you downloaded is a folder named “00040000001C8F00” extract the contents of that folder into the window that opens up
  4. Enable "Use Custom Textures in Citra’s graphic settings
  5. Enable Linear Filtering and FXAA as a Post-Processing shader as a bonus
  6. Apply any bonus content

-Fix up the seams on the Chibi DLC portrait upscales
-Remake the upscaled font using proper HD replacements in all the menus
-Replace more upscaled CGs for proper HD artwork where possible
-Make credits images for the classic pack (Would like to find higher quality NDS artwork)

Bonus Content Folder:

Classic HD Artwork Texture Pack v1:
This zip is to be extracted onto the above pack, it works on top of the default portraits and does the following things
-Replaces default 3DS portraits for upscaled classic NDS portraits
-Replaces all character menu art for upscaled classic NDS menu art
-“Original” Dlc should remain turned off in the game menu if you are using this pack, though you can mix and match by simply renaming/replacing files

NDS Eruca Sprites v1:
Replaces Eruca’s long haired 3DS battle and overworld sprites with her short haired NDS Variants. Needs proper testing as I made this after I finished the game but it should work perfectly for the most part

Blanks for 3DS only characters:
Replaces Elm, Nemesia’s, and another post game characters portraits with transparent images since they do not have portraits in the classic NDS style, for use with “Original” Dlc or Classic HD Artwork Texture Pack

Remove Speaker Box Pointers:
Removes the pointer from the speaker text boxes

Known Bugs:
-The bottom screen battle window might look a bit off sometimes (Trying to figure this one out still)

Nice work! It definitely looks better now compared to good old Waifu2X.

Here’s the HD font that mikewando made. I still had it from when I last played the game.

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Thank you Kierk! I was looking for those fonts everywhere. Really glad they are preserved now, Mikewando did such an awesome job with them!


first thanks for the work, pretty nice! Which resolution do you play at? I cant get the font better when i want to play it with bigger screen. Im currently playing on wqhd monitor. Settings on citra are default. I tried native 2x, 4x etc. but dont get the font better. The characters and others are right.

edit: To be clear i meant the speach bubles. When the characters are talking. The HUD, Menu etc. looks fine.

Hmm no idea what your problem could be. You can see inside the /fonts folder all the games fonts are in there and upscaled, and in my screenshots they are also upscaled. So if they aren’t working for you then it is probably something with the emulator or your settings. It’s a 4x pack, play it at 4x minimum.

NVM… Fixed the problem myself. I played europe version (i´m no native american) instead of usa version. Now it´s all fine. Great work. Did not play this on my DS. so i can catch up now.