Randomizer Trouble?

I’m trying to randomize a copy of pokemon alpha sapphire but when I use pk3DS and try randomizing the encounters, it stops suddenly and it shows (Not Responding) next to the name of pk3DS. Got any ideas on how to fix this?

i personally have very little experience with randomization of games other than lttp rando but generally the game ends up having to work a lot harder on the system which can cause certain glitches and can require a stronger system as optimization for certain games must be torn away to put in sprites and files where they should not be this can also be said for simple “exe” type files like pk3ds i would recommend making sure every single part of the randomization is compatible for the emulator and for the exe (pk3ds) and the system you are running (computer specifications) as i have learnt in programming that if even 1 number does not match what it needs to be the whole tower crumbles as a result

Unfortunately, we do not support third party programs like pk3DS.