RE: Android development...or lack of!

Just some honest feedback. Very disappointing that support is only limited to PC and not Android which now days is the more widely used OS/platform worldwide. There are an increasing amount of people that have substituted a laptop for a tablet. I speak for a lot of Android users and especially ones that have substituted a laptop for a tablet.
What’s worse is that there are currently no plans for the devs to develop Citra for Android.
I just don’t understand the logic behind this, why wouldn’t someone develop for whats more widely used and accessible? And by more widely used I mean, everyone of every age has a phone…so would make more sense to develop for the larger platform.
Although Android is harder to develop a 3DS emulator for…it can be done, especially on high end devices like Galaxy Note 8, etc…but it needs devotion from devs in order to be done, not devotion to just PC.
Refuse to use this app even on my laptop for that sole reason, or until I hear or read about development being commenced for Android devices.

Until now, there is no Android version, mainly because of the major hardware and software environment differences. Developing an application is not easy: you can’t just develop a PC app, and then magically port it to another OS - you already know that right? The popularity of the OS is not really that important, and Citra, though keeps on improving, still not completed yet.

Speaking of Android development, check this:, someone is developing the Android version. It only works for some phones, and it’s nowhere near as good as the current version, because of the difficulties mentioned above, but at least people are trying to do that.

Use the emulator or not is your choice, I don’t care the slightest. But you don’t need to create an entire article just to complain about trivial and unrelated matters like that.

…Sorry for ranting, I wasn’t in a very good mood while writing down all this. The point is, there are still many difficulties, so you will have to wait patiently.


Keep in mind CItra is free and open source and is done by those in their free time. Porting Citra to Android is no easy task. IIRC one of the hurdles is Citra’s CPU JIT (dynarmic) is written for specifically for x86-64 architecture which is not the same for Android and would need to be ported.

I understand what both of you are saying.
Im not asking for a port exactly. Im just saying it should’ve begun development for Android first.
Just wanted to provide some honest feedback but I do understand the x86-64 bit architecture is the biggest limitation.
But I’m positive it can be done…but it needs a priority and focus put into the development of it.
Also phones with 6GB RAM or more, and the latest CPU’s and GPU’s should be easily able to run the games, speed wise.
If there was regular continued development for it on Android, I’d be more than happy to test out builds, etc…but my gripe is that there isn’t regular development for it.

I do not see the interest a tablet what is 32go free … the games you will put them where ?

You sound very interested in an Android port. Well, why haven’t you made it yet? As a community project, there is no particular “dev team” responsible for the direction of the emulator. There are only a handful of people that review submissions to make sure they are high quality. So hop to it. To me, its irrelevant if you don’t know how to code, or if you claim you are too busy. After all, as a developer, I don’t care if you have to do it in your free time, considering thats what we all do anyway. You really want this, so its clear that you are the person that will make it happen. And you will do it by writing the necessary missing features (porting the gl backend to gles and writing an arm64 backend to the cpu jit) and submitting the code changes to citra. Thats just how community development works.

I look forward to your future contributions.


SD Card :joy:
Because that’s a thing you know

Im not a coder…but coders should be hopping to it

And I don’t understand your logic. As you say you willingly substitued a laptop for an Android device thus restricting yourself from using apps that are Windows/Linux/Mac specific. You can’t force the devs to do something just because it is convenient for you. There’s a reason why they won’t/can’t do an Android port. If it was that easy, surely there would be one by now. If you want to play that badly go buy yourself a 3ds. And no, I don’t understand why Android should be prioritised instead of Windows/Linux/Mac. Please, don’t generalize. I don’t have a tablet and my phone runs on Android 2.2. So no, not everyone of every age has a phone capable of running modern apps. But I did this knowingly. I know the limitations I forced myself into and don’t go whining for some modern Android 4.4+ apps to be ported to Windows, because “boo-hoo I don’t have new Android and I want to play them”.

I already addressed this. Just like you don’t care about what I want to do on the project, I don’t care if you are a coder. As a community project, if you feel so strongly that citra needs an android port, you get out there and learn to code and do it yourself. You have no say in the matter otherwise.


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