READ ! if you aint a bot

my name and token works fine for me.
joining or creating a room isnt a problem either.

BUT if i try to open a room inside the game it says:

wireless connection disconnected.
return to room section. everytime !

i doubt a screenshot would give you more details since its exactly the same text what i have wrote.
is someone even able to help without a simple log file ? seriously ?
limited to the log files is just wow…

yes i already did port foward 24872 in case this part is imprtant.

feels like beside asking for the log files and some bot msg´s there isnt much of human activity. lame

i didnt reg myself for bot messages.
so if you have no clue than say it and i wont ask anymore. just simple task
before i waste more time on a lame game and this emu.

citra good for a singleplayer emu but singleplayer is worthless for me.
for the monster fans it might be something good like hunter and poke.

and FAQ dosnt help much either.

looks like you can only help at fast slow audio settings, resulution and such nonsense.

u earnd a nice review ^^
enjoy it !!!
atleast you get more fame

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

On which game? you need to describe your issue better, takes screenshots if necessary.

I’m not part of their team, but I know enough about developing software to know giving support to someone on any issue is hard without knowing how it gets produced in the first place. So that it may be reproduced and track the exact bug (or whatever it is) and solve it.
The Bot Message is obviously automated for every thread that’s created. Since most people don’t know how to get the logs or know that it provides some details in regards to the issue. It also makes it easier to trace the issue in many cases (not all of course).

The port forwarding is for the port to be accessible from the internet and not just be accessible on your LAN (or wifi network)