Reasonable solutions after the prometheus

ehm,dear Yuzu Dev team,…
Ty for making the impossible possible in a way,Thus,…
i’d like to give my full review about your latest version “also early access 540” :

my specs are
“Dell inspiron 15 7577 7th gen”
Intel core i7-7700HQ @ 2.8-3.8 ghz
16gb ddr4 2400 rams
intel hd 630 + Nvidia Geforce GTX1050Ti
1TB hdd + 128gb SSD m2
windows 10 pro latest update May 2020 also with the VCredists

i configured everything on my device for the ultimate performance and best experience in gaming without any problems but,…
even in the latest version of Yuzu “aslo early access 540” prometheus “cool name btw”,although i’m not less than others who possess 8th and 9th gen cpus or gpus,…to me having a 7th gen cpu and gpu,it’s unfair to me the following “providing the problems and reasonable suggestions as an emulator expert” :
[tested Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled XCI version and update 1.0.15 including dlcs and 60 fps mod,considering the best setting for high speed and performance]

1-the latest version “including the multicore feature” Swallows Every bit of my speed and performance to max and still freezes at launching the game,…almost breaking my 7th gen laptop which is a gaming one of the best these days.
2-after 5 attempts of trying to play the game,when it finally shows its loading screen at the intro,took 15 mins to launch “while swallowing 13gb of ram of my 16gb rams” and freezing. “even at 41-60fps and 100% speed” “not limited”
3-takes a lot of time after i enter the game to load all the shader caches and all the graphical scenes and UI before even choosing which lane,map,character etc,before i start the race,and when i start the race it keeps loading/lagging till it finishes one lap at least to completely load all the graphics of the game or race,…and after finishing the race sometimes freezes and freezes my device to make me force-shutdown it “not healthy btw”
4-if i restart Yuzu,the same things happen all over,…

comparing to previous works of your efforts,this is by far 65% of the best performance we “users” wish to achieve in using your products and it might be risky next time to provide sponsorship with “no noticably-improved fixes and more features”…so,…i came up with theoritical solutions “i don’t know the methods”…which are
1-provide more “less resolution=more speed and performance” mods for the game or any game.
2-provide “more options” inside the “multicore cpu” feature" like how much ram do we provide,etc
3-provide “more graphic options” about disabling shadows,some effects,AA,…etc…
4-provide “load all caches before starting the game” option like the one in ps3 emulator which would help a lot saving the life of someone’s device before attempting to launch a game using your product.
5-since Yuzu uses the best gaming devices nowdays,i’d like to say while editing the resolution options “1280x720” and “1600x900” are the best by far for any setting.

and i still hope to fix the online “issue”,which is “providing the legal token and still the game doesn’t connect to the internet”…
once these simpler “not time shorter” solutions are tweaked,…i’d love to support the Yuzu Dev team at least 5$ a month “it’s 100 EGP in my country”,
Ty <3
wael moses

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