Recent Audio Fixes in Citra

Note: This isn’t a proper full-fledged Progress Report, just a brief account of some audio fixes in Citra.

Audio Fixes in LM2 & others…

Recently, there have been some changes to the audio code in Citra. Some of you may have noticed it already, audio in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is finally… FIXED! :tada:
This was thanks to RoadrunnerWMC, who with the help of @jroweboy & @Dragios hardware-tested & determined a bit-bask for all audio formats. This also solved audio issues with other games including
Metroid Prime: Federation Force
, The Amazing Spiderman and Disney Princess - My Fairytale Adventure. Quoting directly from the PR:

The physical audio buffer addresses that Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon gives to the DSP have the least-significant bit set for no obvious reason. Citra took it at its word, resulting in garbled audio. Masking the addresses with 0xFFFFFFFE is enough to fix the issue, but hardware testing (thanks to @Dragios and @jroweboy) indicated that 0xFFFFFFFC is actually the correct mask for all audio formats (mono and stereo PCM8, mono and stereo PCM16, and ADPCM).

The seemingly minor change (this was a one-liner) has completely fixed (to the best of my knowledge, I don’t own the game myself) garbled audio in LM2 & 3 other games!

Garbled audio in Luigi’s Mansion 2 has been finally fixed by RoadrunnerWMC with help from Dragios & jroweboy.

Changes to Teakra (DSP LLE)


Some of you will know this music from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
Guess what? wwylele (@wwylele) has been working actively on Teakra, and what you heard (or, are hearing) is “The first proper music from Teakra” (quoting from wwylele’s message from Discord). So, DSP LLE is getting there…
For those who don’t know, DSP LLE is most probably going to fix audio issues in Pokémon X, and many other games. So, keep your fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:.

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does pokemon xy works now?
but i tested on latest nightly or canary it doesent worked

Use Canary 1115 and select LLE (accurate) under the Audio tab.
You should check out the article: :slight_smile:


It worked thanks a lot.