Regarding citra emulator

Hello citra producer, I would like to share my suggestions about the citra emulator.
I would love if it could be the backscreen/background that is currently white can be changed to black.
I dont know for others but it hurt my eyes watching a bright colored screen.played citra non-stop for days
Secondly if you could make the screen layout be horizontal balanced instead of large screen.
that would solve the first problem of mine. Since it cover the white background. Thanks!

Citra has no “producer”. It’s open source software. It’s maintained and written by members of the community.

There is (at the time of writing) information how you can change the background color and layout in this tutorial: [Tutorial] Making the Ultimate Couch Experience for Citra! Steam + Full Screen + Controller

Graphical configuration windows will probably be added later, but we currently have more important issues / problems to fix.

( @GabrielXZLIVE: maybe time for some more modularization? :stuck_out_tongue: )