Regenerating ID

I had just found out that I can trade with myself on Pokemon USUM by regenerating the id before entering a room. My main save is on Ultra Sun and started with Rowlet ( on citra nightly ) but installed citra canary and started a save on Ultra Moon to pick Litten and trade it to my Ultra Sun save. It all went perfectly but I can’t help but wonder if there are any consequences to regenerating your id each time you trade. Does anybody know?

Some games don’t handle that type of thing very well. An alternative is to download a manual citra version, extract it using winrar or 7zip, creating a folder called user in the same directory as citra-qt.exe, then launching citra-qt.exe and running your game. The portable citra will then create all the normal config, log, emulated SD, ect. folders in that user folder instead of in appdata. Meaning that it has a different Console ID. If you want to trade with your old save though, you’ll have to port that over to the new folders. Though that isn’t too difficult.

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Ok so I deleted the saves on both US and UM since they were mostly a test to see if I can trade, and I’ve deleted the canary I had and got a version from 12 days ago, created the user file and its like you said. On canary I have the stock settings now ( default, with the CITRA username ) while my nightly has kept the same settings I had before and the ID’s are different. So does that mean that now I can safetly trade between them without having to worry about losing my saves or messing up my web settings?

EDIT: Also can I safetly update canary/nightly to the current version without resetting my ID’s?

Yea you should be fine. Though you didn’t have to delete the installer canary version. So long as the citra versions have different Console ID’s, you can connect them to eachother. So that means you can have 2 canary versions connected to one another with no issues so long as one of them is a portable citra version (i.e. with a user folder).

You can also update your citra versions with no issues. Updates don’t reset config files anyways.

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Lovely, thanks for your help. :blush:

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