Removal of black lines in pokemon

Hey guys, just wandering if anybody could help me out with this issue thats realy bugging me, im trying to remove the lines in Pokemon moon, Ultra Sun and Omega Ruby, all games are legal Legit CIA dumps made with GM9. When i search for the hex values they dont exist, for example, for sun and moon you should find 01 01 80 E0 04 20 80 E5 and replace it with 01 01 80 E0 00 F0 20 E3, however, i do not have this hex value, the closest i have is to 01 01 80 E0 04 20 A0 E1 and replacing that line does not remove the black lines in game…Why do i not have the correct hex value??

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

lmao this bot…got nothing to do with citra its a rom edit.

Try cheat codes instead.émon%20Moon%20(GLO)/0004000000175E00.txtémon%20Ultra%20Sun%20(GLO)/00040000001B5000.txt

Make sure the cheat matches your game version, if it says v1.2 on the cheat it must say v1.2 on the game’s thumbnail in the game list on Citra. If it doesn’t say anyhing then you have v1.0
iirc, you need to restart the game for the code to take effect, at the very least change scene.

I actually didnt know this was a thing, works like a charm thanks! Only question, wheres the codes for ORAS?

You can click on Cheats to get to the big list:

I don’t think there is one for those two games which is why I didn’t link.

I have seen ORAS be played without black lines though?