Removing black lines doesnt work usum

tried to get more fps by removing black lines but it isnt working

What do you want : no black lines or speedup ?
If u want no black lines, u need to hex edit it (tool for this HxD).

Thanks to Shiny Quagsire and TiniVi for figuring out how to disable the lines!

in decrypted sun moon rom seach for
01 01 80 E0 04 20 80 E5 1E FF 2F E1
and change to
01 01 80 E0 00 F0 20 E3 1E FF 2F E1

GBATemp Thread :

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I’ve tried this but it tells me that it cant find 01 01 80 E0 04 20 80 E5 1E FF 2F E1

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How exactly did you remove the outlines?

You should do it like this: Download a hex editor, open the ROM in it (and make sure that you have a copy of the original game if something goes wrong), and find and replace 01 01 80 E0 04 20 80 E5 with 01 01 80 E0 00 F0 20 E3.

ive tried that but that doesnt work it tells me that it cant find the numbers to replace

Which exact game are you trying to remove outlines on?

How did you dump the game?

when you go to find and replace make sure you chose Hex-Value instead of Text-value than it will work :slight_smile: @GDhex12 already told you what hex value to find and with what to replace it

I’ve tried removing black lines in pokemon sun and it worked but I prefer with black lines because it will make it more appealing to my eyes although I’ll suffer slower game speed.

Trying to remove them on ultra sun and i didnt dump it, i downloaded it from (Moderator: Piracy tool edited out.)

i know right… :confused:

If you have updated your Pokemon USUM copy, you have to do the hex removal on the .app file too. You can find it by right clicking the game in Citra’s game list and selecting Open Update Data Location.

dose this work in pokemon ultra sun and moon

also do you need a computer for all of this

It should, although we don’t provide official support for ROM modifications.


i know but it would be helpful to have specifc steps on how to get that smooth gameplay. and how to back up cartridges incase it goes wrong like this

also what dose downloading 3ds files have to do with it i don’t know a thing really or much like i said im asking for specific advice

like this video or the one above with the drugtrio

I’m not sure what you’re asking here. We don’t provide support for ROM modifications because we don’t know what could have been done to the ROM. As far as improving performance goes, that’s a separate issue, that there’s not a whole lot you can do about besides waiting for more optimizations to come about.

In order to use Citra with your games, you have to dump your games anyways, using one of our guides:
Dumping Game Cartridges
Dumping Installed Titles

We don’t provide support for piracy. Citra is meant to be used with your own game backups.

They probably have very good hardware specs.

im talking about the video above titled Citra 1080p with no line patch.

what dose dumping do?