Removing black lines doesnt work usum

i also didn’t expect anybody to respond that quickly

Dumping lets you make a copy of your game to use with Citra.

wait so you would have two copys of the game right

do i download citra on computer or my 3ds

In a sense, yes, you have your 3DS cartridge, or the digital title for the game installed to your 3DS, and then the 3DS or CIA file you dump from it.

Citra runs on your computer, and GodMode9 (the homebrew used to dump your game) runs on your 3DS. If you have any further questions about game dumping, please make a new topic because this is going offtopic.

i don’t have any digital tittle

what would you want me to talk about?

Dumping is like copying stuff off a cd to your computer. Instead here you are copying the game (you own) from your own 3DS to your computer. (Think of it as game back-up)
Citra is meant to be played with your own game dumps.
Piracy is not supported by us.

Buy 3DS, buy game, dump game, download Citra, play and have fun.

what Piracy just asking or do i have to make a new topic now

i really came hear to figure this out What do you want : no black lines or speedup ?
If u want no black lines, u need to hex edit it (tool for this HxD 224).
Citra 1080p with no line patch.
Thanks to Shiny Quagsire and TiniVi for figuring out how to disable the lines!

in decrypted sun moon rom seach for
01 01 80 E0 04 20 80 E5 1E FF 2F E1
and change to
01 01 80 E0 00 F0 20 E3 1E FF 2F E1 but koopa said you guys dont give official rom modifications.

and nice pikachu picture

Closing this because this topic got too derailed.