[Request] OnHold Hotkey for removing speed limit

Since the speedup in citra with one of the latest updates, which uses the GPU for shader emulation, it seems to be not that unfrequent, that games run above 100%.
So i want to request a hotkey, which disables the speed limitation, but it should be OnHold, so it enables again on MouseUp.
I got this idea from GBA Emulators, it was very cool if you want to skip animations or texts e.g. for speed leveling.

Good news for you. Such a feature is in development right now :slight_smile:

this really is good news :3 soon i can play pokemon without cheats :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m working on this. Not sure when it’ll be done though, I’m busy with something else now. Might be a few months.

Duplicate on #3417 on GitHub. Please close.

Duplicates of GitHub bugs here are not closed. GitHub is for more technical, developer-oriented discussion, and these forums are for user support. We treat them as two separate entities for the most part.

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I found it. Ctrl + Z is the HotKey…

Any chances to activate the removal of speed limit while holding a button or a key? (As it works in DesMume)

Thanks in advance and apologies for the previous posts. Getting the hang of this forum. And thank you for all your hard work on this great emulator <3.

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The hotkeys system doesn’t allow this rn, but it may be implemented in the future.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll patiently wait for future updates and progress. So far, it works really good. Currently testing Story of Seasons and despite some rare slowdowns, it is possible to increase the speed up to 400% on my PC which is a really decent boost.

Also saw the implementation of Save States could be in the works. So excited to see the growth of the community :slight_smile: .