[Request] Reset/Restart option & save state possibility?

Hello guys,

I’m currently playing a lot of Pokémon, and will soon shiny hunt. I was wondering, for convenient purpose, if a Reset/Restart game option is considered or even possible to configure by myself.

Also, I wanted to know if you plan adding a save state system in a near future ?

Thanks a lot for your attention, keep up this good work :wink:

You can stop emulation and start the game again. As for savestates, a framework is being PR’d but it’ll take a while to add all the different parts of Citra and make it functional.

Hey breadfish, thanks for your answer.

I saw indeed the Stop & start again way to do it, and is my only way to reset, but I mainly wondered if I could speed up the process with only one button instead of 2. (and also avoid re-selecting the game every time)
That make me wonder, is there any way to keybind the Stop and Start functions ? That way I could avoid switching between my controller and my keyboard every minute to reset my game and bind everything on my controller.

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