Resolution bug and suggestion

Game: Tri Force Heroes
OS: Windows 7

When I set the Internal Resolution to “Auto (Window Size)”, it seems like the resolution is set to the outside size of the window, rather than the size of the 3DS display inside the window. I tried enlarging the window, then waited for the resolution to refresh, took a screenshot and zoomed in on it, and saw pixel interpolation that indicates an internal resolution of several pixels larger than the 3DS display area.

In addition, it would be great to have a setting that automatically resizes the window to that of the (non-Auto) Internal Resolution that we’ve selected, so that we don’t have to manually resize it to achieve a pixel-perfect image. Ideally such an option would also override any Windows setting that limits a window’s size to fit within the desktop.

Thanks for all your work, guys!

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That’s not a bug, I think that’s intended. What you’re suggesting is basically Native I guess.

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That’s not a bug, I think that’s intended.

Do you know of any way to get an image without interpolation (ie. pixel-perfect) when using “Auto (Window Size)” for the internal resolution?

What you’re suggesting is basically Native I guess.

No, what I’m suggesting is the opposite of “Auto (Window Size)”, where instead of the internal resolution matching the window size, the window size changes to match the internal resolution you select (a multiple of Native 400x240).

in general, super sampling should look much nicer than upscaling. to clarify, what auto does is select the ceiling of the ratio between window size and top screen window size, rounded up to the nearest integer.

so if your ratio to create the “perfect” scaling is 2.1 or 2.9, you’ll get an internal resolution of 3. then, the final image is linear interpolated to scale back to 2.1 or 2.9 to best fit it in your window. and if i’m not mistaken, you are suggesting that we instead round the resolution down to 2, and then upscale it to fit the window. the problem with this is you’ll get blockier looking models as several of the pixels will be linear interpolated to look more stretched to fit the window aspect ratio.

i personally can’t see this as a good thing. now on the other hand, if you are actually not liking the part where we do linear interpolation, causing the screen to look blurrier and not as sharp, then good news is someone is working on that, and gonna let you choose nearest neighbor (sharp but pixelated look) instead of linear (smooth but blurry look)

Thank you jroweboy, that’s very helpful, I wasn’t aware that the internal resolution was rounded (either up or down). My screen resolution at the time of testing was just under 3x Native resolution, which would explain why it appeared to be rendering at a slightly larger resolution and downscaling with linear interpolation.

I would not require an option to disable linear interpolation for my own needs, but it’s a neat option to have. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, my “feature suggestion” was nothing to do with rounding the internal resolution to any integer, but to automatically resize the display window when any internal resolution (not Auto) is selected.

mm thats particularly dangerous if someone choose 10x resolution (as many people are prone to do) and they only have a 1080p screen.