Restart pokemon ultra moon game

i want to restart my game because citra doesnt open ultramoon anymore and i dont know what to do, can somebody help me? Do i have to redownload it?

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Make sure you have read and understood the rules (especially the first one):

If you believe your rom is corrupted you should redump it, Ultra Moon is a big game (close to 4GB) so have at least 4GB free space on your Nintendo 3DS’s SD card:

i didnt understand what i have to do.
Can you help me understand this because im not english?

I assume your Nintendo 3DS is hacked already (custom firmware installed) because you have the game already.

I give you the benefit of the doubt that you did not pirate the game which would be illegal. I also assume that by “redownload” which you mentioned in your original post meant redownloading from the Nintendo eShop which is the only legal place to download 3DS games from.

yes u r right, im trying to reinstall from nintendo eshop
but my nintendo in not hacked, i really dont know how to do hack a nintendo and i dont want to know
but if you think that im using illegal things, u r free

What is your native language?

im from italy, i speak italian

Well you need to know in order to dump your games legally so you can play on Citra.

Follow this guide to hack your Nintendo 3DS:

what is the meaning of Dump?

That you extract your games from your 3DS into a format that Citra can use.

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ah ok ok thanks but citra doesnt open anymore
i have to play it only on my nintendo

Citra doesn’t need to be opened in order to dump your games from your 3ds

really? i didnt know it

Follow the guide tywald gave you. It’s really simple. After you’re done, our dumping guides that tywald linked earlier in this topic are just short instructions to use stuff you already installed in the 3ds hacking guide.

but hacking a 3ds is illegal,isnt it?

It is only illegal in Japan (and it’s pretty recent that it became illegal over there), not in the rest of the world though.

ok, but the guide to hack a nintendo is in my language or in english?

I linked the Italian page.

ok thanks
i will also upload pokemon ultra sun on citra
but why it doesnt open anymore?