Rhythm Heaven Megamix music out of sync

The audio is out of sync meaning it’s hard to get the rhythm right.

System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 11
  • CPU: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-1235U
  • GPU: Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics
  • Citra Version (found in title bar):
  • Game: Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar): Citra Nightly 1823

Diagnostic Log
citra_log.txt (30.4 KB)

Try going to Emulation>Configuration>Graphics>Advanced Tab and disable V-Sync. See if the issue persists after this.

Disabling V-Sync didn’t work. It did the same thing with V-Sync and without.

Known issue:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Music and sfx is out of sync, sfx ahead by 0.1 seconds. . disable VSync still didn’t help, trying to useing LLE audio, the game slow down.

Try also disabling Audio Stretching in Citra’s audio settings.

I did disabling Audio Stretching in Citra’s audio settings also didn’t help. it did only help in tutorial. however in main game, the audio starts to getting out of sync. the problem had something to do with the .aac file format.

Well, as tywald mentioned above, this is a known issue. Lord knows that our audio core is not the most accurate thing in the world. It needs some love, but we sadly don’t have devs that are too experienced or interested in working on it.

I can try to run the game in LLE Audio, but the game run slow, that’s the only way for the audio get perfectly synts with the games SFX. any way to fix the LLE audio to run perfectly? if not, well, that’s bad. so at this point there is no workaround with this issue. until then…

LLE is basically only for debugging purposes. It’s highly accurate, but also slow as a result.


I’m a blind player of rhythm heaven and I have played through megamix on both the emulator and on a 2ds. One thing I knew of for a while is that for the longest time, if you ran versions of either windows 10 and 11 before version 22h2, the sound worked well enough that though it was still out of sync, it was always within reasonable range to make the games almost feel correct but not quite. This is, of course, with newer builds of Citra running. In old builds, this kind of extreme desync between the music and everything else happened, exactly as it does now. You start a game, Most likely a loud burst of data static plays on the audio output, and the aac format intro plays. Tutorial/ practice sections are always in sync since they do use uncompressed pcm instead of aac encoded files. Once the practice is done, the game starts, but with the 1 caviote that unfortunatly, since the aac audio is being used again, a small section from the end of the game’s intro jingle plays as it starts the actual minigame, and the music is out of sync for the whole game. As I pointed out, this began happening on 22h2 versions of both windows 11 and windows 10, and also happened with older citra versions no matter what system you use, unless that’s an intel mac computer in witch case all of this apparently never happens. So on the latest citra canary builds running under windows versions before 22h2, it is playable without too much difficulty beyond what the game itself provides. In short, this was once an issue that plaged all citra builds on all windows systems at least, some earlier ones even having the issue where the music played at like 1.5x speed. Then, for a long hall in canary builds, this has been mostly fixed and made usable under the right set up, but as soon as you update to any 22h2 windows version, it’s back to the old out of synch music caused by broken handling of the aac part of the audio, just as it was with older citra versions.

Thank you for the comment. This comment was the spark of some discussion internally which led to the proposal of using an FAAD2-based decoder instead of the decoder provided by the Operating System.
The change can be tested on the latest Citra Canary as of writing. If no problems arise from the change it’ll be merged into Nightly soon.

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Hello again,

Just downloaded the latest cersion to my pc, and boy is it satisfying to hear the games actually be in sync with the music again. I’m glad that a way was found to fix this ever present issue and make this awesome game playable in the emulator after not bein g able to for several months when I got my new machine. Before i upgraded my computer, I purposefully left my then current machine on 21h2 just so I could play this game without having to get out my real system to do it.

I was trying out the latest canary version, but is there a way to activate it or a specific audio backend to use? Right now i still find the delay almost the same as the nightly version, but maybe im missing something?

Please upload a log file: How to Upload the Log File