Right way to download it

i am trying to download citra windows version but i got probloms gettong work on my computer

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Please explain the issue in more detail. Why can’t it be installed?

I press the link to download it and when it was done. I press the exe but it didn’t activitie

Make sure you’re downloading it from here.

Not particularly descriptive. Do you have an anti-virus running? What does manually opening the application in your downloads folder do?

No information available to proceed. Please be more descriptive.

I do have anti-virus running also nothing?

I did that but it didn’t work

Post your specs, I encountered a similar error.

How can I show my specs?


Just type them here

i mean how can i see my computer specs

Right click on this pc, go to properties

something like these?
Pentium® Dual-Core CPU e5700
32-bits Operating System
x64 processor

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Ya, so what is your problem ?

You have a 32-bit operating system, which Citra doesn’t support. You need a 64-bit OS.

ah man really :disappointed:

if i am right there are no other 3ds emulator

Yes, Citra is the only active 3DS emulator as of now. I might add that 32-bit versions will never be made.

guys can you help me download citra