Rom unpacking guide/ texture hacking

I know there’s a lot of tutorials, but I’m bored, so…

Before you start…


A .3ds/cia file: (Do not pirate it!! use gm9 to dump it from a 3ds!) Guide:

Pack hack (for un/repacking):
-version 9 recommended-

Any paint app: (Texture edits)

MSBT Editor (.msbt editing… ):

Ohana3ds/Ohana3ds Rebirth (Model viewing/ Texture extracting .bcmdl/.bcres):

  1. Open the Packhack .rar, and open SetupUS.exe, and press yes to allow it make changes.

  2. Open Hackingtoolkit3ds.exe with your rom in the same folder, and if your rom is a .3ds file, then type “D”, then enter.
    (If it is a cia, type “CE”. then enter.) Type the name of your file, without extension, Example below:

                                         If file:  ("ACNL.cia") enter "ACNL" (without the .cia/3ds)

then press enter. Hackingtoolkit3ds.exe will extract the RomFS/ExeFS/ExHeader.bin, and say “Extraction complete”
Press any key, and then close the Hackingtoolkit3ds.exe and it should load the files.

  1. Open Ohana3ds Rebirth and drag the .bcres/.bcmdl file that you want to get textures from onto Ohana3ds Rebirth,
    press “Textures”, then, “Exp…”, Check “Export all textures with internal names”. Go to the folder that you extracted them to, and open the .png files with a paint app.

  2. Make your edits, and open the .bcres/.bcmdl in Ohana3ds (not rebirth) go to the “Textures” tab and press “Import all”. Navigate to the folder with your textures (.png image files), and press “Open”.
    In Ohana3ds, press “Save” and the file will be saved with all the new textures.

Repacking ROM

  1. Open HackingToolkit3ds.exe and type “3dsb”, then enter. press “Open RomFS”, and find the folder with the RomFS in it. (Do the same for the ExeFS/Exheader.bin), then press “Go” and it will create your .3ds file! :slight_smile:

If you run into any problems, or have any questions, feel free to ask! :smiley:

Example texture hack:


Purple yoshi in mk7!! Made by me

Does anyone even use this guide? Lol, it seems so useless…