Roms not working that should

Can this be found on the internet? and is this the same error for pkmn x and y?

the font files?, no they are copyrighted material and are illegal to share, dump them from your 3ds.

also read the FAQ next time please, since these question have already been asked and answered to death

also pokemon X and Y don’t work, don’t bother booting them since they will crash after choosing a character name

but still, i cant figure this out. Alpha sapphire should run, as ive seen it done.I believe it has something to do with the fact that the cart was updated, as when i dumped sun, it had not yet been updated.

no, just follow the link vito provided , dump the files needed , add them to citra and your games will work fine.

ok. Is this a common issue?

yes,an over asked and over answered issue, no plans to eliminate the need for these files…yet or ever. their case still hangs

is it odd that sun doesn’t have this issue, but other games do?

different games coded in a different way. but actually sun needs these files , it will boot but without these files it will crash later on.

some other games like ocarina of time works without them.

Actually, i m Vitor not Vito :wink:

Ok then. Thanks for the help.

all right then as you wish, vitor :wink:

you’re welcome.

if you need any further assistant then read the FAQ first since most common questions are answered there

Wait, so games like AS and smash bros should at least load without the shared font?

no they do need the font file and the system archives some other games don’t. there is no list of which games do and which don’t, but the number of games that do is much more greater than the ones that don’t .

just dump the files ,add them and everything will work for you

Ok, the whole situation mostly makes sense to me.

Random question: how do you control your emulator? Do you use a controller of some sort, or have you been using a keyboard?

keyboard, controllers are somewhat supported , not sure which ones work. try what you have and see if they work

I currently use an xbone controller with a program called keysticks. My simulated circle pad gives me errors tho.
Ok thats all. Thanks again!

Guys, this is a forum (where you leave a well written message so people can take their time to respond), not a chat (where you just have 1:1 discussions at fast pace). Most of these questions also have been answered elsewhere too (which is a major difference between chat and forum: it goes down in history so you can re-use information).
If you want to chat instead we have Discord and IRC for that. However, we will still mostly link you to the FAQ / Wiki or existing forum topics.

Also Mario 3D Land will not work without system files if I remember correctly (it will hang near the intro).
So I feel this might be a different issue.

However, first dump your system files anyway. Otherwise there is no point in continuing to give support as a lot of games you mentioned will depend on them and you don’t seem to have dumped them in the past.

The gamepad question is completly unrelated, please open a seperate thread if need-be (hint: there is no need because these questions get asked a lot. There is even a Tutorial about this)

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yeah i think i got over carried with answering questions, my bad ^^’