Roms not working that should

Guys, this is a forum (where you leave a well written message so people can take their time to respond), not a chat (where you just have 1:1 discussions at fast pace). Most of these questions also have been answered elsewhere too (which is a major difference between chat and forum: it goes down in history so you can re-use information).
If you want to chat instead we have Discord and IRC for that. However, we will still mostly link you to the FAQ / Wiki or existing forum topics.

Also Mario 3D Land will not work without system files if I remember correctly (it will hang near the intro).
So I feel this might be a different issue.

However, first dump your system files anyway. Otherwise there is no point in continuing to give support as a lot of games you mentioned will depend on them and you don’t seem to have dumped them in the past.

The gamepad question is completly unrelated, please open a seperate thread if need-be (hint: there is no need because these questions get asked a lot. There is even a Tutorial about this)

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yeah i think i got over carried with answering questions, my bad ^^’