Rotate screen and Tilt Controls

Hi’. Ahm, I’m new here. Well, I downloaded the latest version of Citra yesterday, and I tested Mario & Luigi Dream Team. The game worked well (only a bit slow, but my PC is not very good, but Game Cube and Kirby Return to Dream Land very smooth, in the battles worked very well), unlike Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Kirby Triple Deluxe, where they didn’t start. But I remembered the Giant Battles, where you have to turn the screen and use the tilt controls. How to do this in Citra? I hope that in a future version you have that possibility’.

hold right click on the touch screen then tilt your mouse

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Oh, Thanks’.

But, rotate screen? How I do this?

you kinda have to experiment with that, tilt support is not perfect in citra but it’s functional enough.

Just to clear this up, you need to have dumped a decrypted version of the games from your 3DS for them to work. And all those games besides Kirby require a home folder dump.

(Small correction: Move the mouse while holding the right mouse button to tilt the screen. Don’t tilt your mouse. That’d be stupid.)


I’ve seen this explanation about dump folders, but I don’t know how to do it…

Kirby don’t work yet?

Some games require you to dump certain files from your 3DS. Please refer to our System Dumping Guide.

Kirby works without system files.

This is a seperate issue, please check the wiki for help.
If that doesn’t work: search on the forums.
If you can’t make it work; and if nothing else works either: open another thread for it (with an appropriate title so others can find it, if they run into similar issues).

close enough to what i meant :sweat_smile:

Kirby doesn’t start, a black screen appears with me…

And on PC, on Citra?

“from your 3DS”. You need a 3DS, this is not optional.

This is no longer on topic. Read the FAQ, search the forums, or start a new thread if any issues persist.


Just saying never play Mario Party: The Top 100 the minigame “Speeding Bullets” (my favorite on Mario Party 9) is impossible to control…

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