Save and load progress in Citra


I am currently playing pokemon sun in Citra Nightly. I saved my progress in game but when I close and open Citra again, there is no option to continue from my latest progress (I have to start from the very beginning). Is there a way to save the progress and load from there?


How are you opening the emulator? Maybe show with a screenshot if you can.




Use “Select Game Directory” and select the location where all of your ROMs are located.

Also, to save the progress in the game, just do as you normally do in a console. Press X and then Save.


That seems to work perfectly! Thank you so much!


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What do you mean by normally as you do in a console? I’m new to this


Let me quote myself again.


I’m having the same issue with citra but I have the game directory set so my list is there and the save still isn’t showing on the in game save. Pokemon ultra sun is the game I’m playing. any fix ideas?


Did you ever save ingame?


Thank you very much man !


You have to either press X or Z depending on the way your controls are set. Select save, reply ‘yes’, and your game will be saved. This feature, unfortunately, has no effect in Pokemon X, since it freezes before any point you can save the game. Anyone know how to save progress without in-game savings?


This isn’t an issue with saving as much as is Pokemon XY being unstable in Citra. See the game compatibility page.