Save Game Pokémon Moon (EU)

I just misunderstood the commands you told me, the first time. I did them again, with closing the game and it got sorted out ! So I just did precisely what you said !
Thanks once again !

Ah, okay. You’re welcome!

I created a file in which I put my game, then after closing it, I used the “Load the game direction” option to select my file. After that, my games on that file appeared on Citrus’ home menu, I launched it and all got fixed, with my latest save on the game !

Ok sorry I’m a little slow but how did you create a file to put your game? I currently have a game up that I have hours of progress on and I’m scared to lose it!

Really, like you normally create one on Windows, a new file on the Desktop screen ! Then I put the . 3ds inside, saved game before “stopping” it on Citrus, then all my 3ds games appeared in Citrus menu.
When I launched Pokémon, it finally played the intro cinematic (it never did before), then my save was there, at the exact second I left it before closing !

I tried this and it worked! Thank you so much!

You’re welcome, it’s actually thanks to Flamboyant Ham and lg0, mostly !