Save reset problem pokemon ultra moon

please tell me how to reset game in pokemon ultra moon

i said how to start from beginning

it starts from others save file

like this

after deleting save file it became black screen

I see, on this screen press ‘B’ go to back to the intro and press simultaneously D-Pad UP + B + X


but mate now it freeze and black screen

wowoowowoww it works now after restart citra thanks

MasterSaptak how did you manage to make it work again? I have the same problem, after i deleted the previous save file, my screen, whenever i open the game it stays black and nothing happends…

That is why u can not delete those save files and u have to reset the full game file… When u r in the previous save file try to reset it… Check you tube… U can find how to reset game of pokemon ORAS, X AND Y, ULTRA sun and moon

Dont know man, on youtube i find only the erase my save file using up+x+b. Thats what i did, but my game is all black, it does not create a new file… If you can link me something that you are sure it works ill really appreciate! The thing that i saw on youtube and on my end dont happend is that when i choose to delete my save data my screen goes right into that black screen, and ive saw that on their end a screen appears where it says “Initializing the saved data… Please don’t turn off the power”. Mine dont says that…

Man ive finally made it work. It seems i had to delete that update too, the 1.02. Now seems to work just fine

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