Save state to save game

hi all, i want to know and sorry for my bad english… is there a save function on citra, such as shift+f1 or ctrl+s to save game ?
thanks ^^

There is no such function now. You must save your game through the game itself (each game has it’s own way to save, like when you pause the game and touch the “Save” option on the secondary screen on Ocarina of Time 3D).

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well, looks like I’m out of luck xD… i can’t play fire emblem without losing my unit, the save state helps me on many games… but thanks for reply, i just want to know

I think that can to be a future option of citra emulator include load state and save state for load games progress and saves.I say it for theme that some games need a big progress complete for save specifical parts. I refer about include option save and load state in menu citra in future.