Save State won't load (updated citra)

I did not save using the in-game menu, and updated my citra to the newer version.

Can you please help me determine which version to reinstall, so I may correctly save and continue with my progress?

@SleepingSnake is great at troubleshooting and referring correct versions. I see how to avoid this issue going forward, thank you for being so active in these forums.

citra_log.txt (57.0 KB)

Diagnostic Log


please advise if you are able to assist! thank you!

Try to load you save state in this version:
Extract the zip and go into the Nighty-Mingw folder and double click citra-qt(.exe) and load your save state, save in game and then you can load the in-game save in the latest Citra version.

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Thank you @TGP17 !
I was able to quickly save in-game, and then load the file using the newer version of Citra!

This is a quick and easy solution. You are amazing!

You’re welcome, glad it works now!