Save states could help work around game crashes

I’ve been playing Pokemon Super Mystery dungeon, and when it crashes during a cutscene, it’s very frustrating to have to go all the way back through the dungeon to redo the boss fights. If Save States were introduced you could save right before that fight so that you don’t have to start all over. For those who say “Use a progress device,” that costs 555 poke and I’d rather not have to do that. Save states are just very useful for any game as long as it’s in an okay state (Crashes, but there are workarounds)

Savestates are eventually planned, but the emulator is not at a stage where we can support saving savestates yet.

The emulation of memory isn’t accurate enough yet, so they would be incompatible from one version to the next.

You’ll see this feature once the emulator is more compatible.
We don’t have a time estimate of when though.

Use the latest Bleeding Edge to play the game without crashing.

Oh, and note, the fix will be merged into Nightly pretty soon, so you wouldn’t need to use savestates anyway.

Thank you for telling me this, and I have to go thank whoever fixed the game from crashing :slight_smile:

Hexagon12 I’m a programmer… I got nothing better to do… Do you guys really need help wiht it?