Save states/ load states

hello everyone, first i wanted to say thank you for the makers and developers of citra for i was able to play my fire emblem awakening and fates because of you, umm i just wanted to ask if there will come a time when save states will be available? i find it a lot enjoyable if i use save states for my games thanks for the future responses :slight_smile:
God bless and more power :slight_smile:

it all boils down to β€œis anyone working on it?”

citra is an open source project which means anyone can contribute to anything at any point when ever they feel like to, if anyone creates a PR saying they will implement save states and the code goes through the review successfully then yay you got save states ability.

currently no one is working on that afaik so you’re out of luck and you will have to wait.

by all means if you or anyone else would like to implement save states then you are welcome to contribute

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This has been discussed in-depth, please use the search feature.

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