Savestates N3DS


Thank you for this emulator. I’d like to play with it on my 3DS games but while keeping my saves from my originals cartridges.
I’ve extracted my saves from the cartridges with the PowerSaves N3DS, in “.bin”.
How can I use them in the emulator ? If it’s not possible to do it yet, will this option be available some day ?

Kinds regards,

Follow this guide to dump your saves from your 3ds console

Thank you, but isn’t there anyway to use my saves from the powersaves without hacking my 3DS please ?

I don’t know how closely that format matches the format used internally by the 3ds. If it’s a proper match, you could theoretically manually drop it in the appropriate save location in your userdata folder, but that would be different for every game, and I would not be able to provide proper instructions or folder structure for it.