Screen beomes black while loading save data

I downloaded Citra last sunday and played Harvest moon A New Beginning and it works perfectly fine. Then yesterday I tried to download Story of Season which is another game of Harvest Moon, when I first play Story of Season it works perfectly with good speed, etc. And then I saved it and turn off my laptop, then when i tried to play it again and reload my save the screen becomes black but I still can hear the sounds, when i look at the FPS its 0. I tried both with Canary and Nightly but it occurs the same problem. To the worst part, it make my laptop stuck and can’t do anything so I had to turn it off by force. Please help me T~T

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I have tried to but it says the file is too big so I put it in drive and I already paste the link there

That’s the log file. I cant upload it here because it says the file is too big.