Sega Ages Games don't work, need some love :)

Only a couple of the Sega Ages games work (i.e. Space Harrier and Super Hangon). The other games crash after the title screen. This is an issue that’s been going on for a while.

It’s a shame because many of these games are enhanced retro ports that would complete a collection for those of us who love those older games!

Anyhow, hoping someone out there who works on this hears me out.

The best example is Sega Ages “Thunder Blade”. If it helps, I researched it and the guys who remade the game had to create some in-game emulator shell just to handle their tweaks. Maybe these programming layers of sorts sabotage the Citra emulation scheme somewhat?

Anyhow, to my fellow Sega fans out there…I’m representing ya! Much love

Anyone care to reply to this?lol