Senran Kagura Burst Cutscene Freeze

Oh you don’t have an in-game save, just save state?

I have an in-game save. I just thought the save state would be more useful since it’s right before the issue occurs.

I see. Well it’s best to eliminate potential issues that can be caused by loading a state so in-game save is preferred.

Can you give steps how to reach the issue starting from the in-game save?

What do you mean by steps? Just play the level until you reach the cutscene.

For example yesterday, I loaded Hebijo and I guess cutscenes loaded up (some storytelling and before Homura vs Asuka fight). After the fight another cutscene came up where they talked.

Unless by “cutscene” you mean FMV (pre rendered)?

Where exactly is the freeze? Didn’t I play long enough or?

The level continues after that. Keep playing and you’ll reach it (I have a screenshot of the cutscene and where it freezes in the OP).

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Fixed in the latest release?

Currently testing, right now I’m here and can still move around:

It seems I’m past your screenshot, no freezing so far.

Next level is this, don’t think this is much of a spoiler:

Can you retest but loading from your in-game save like I did? Perhaps it’s a save state thing.

1816? Yeah I was able to play it in the latest nightly release. Seems like it got fixed. Though checking the release notes on the most recent releases, I’m not sure what fixed it.