Settings for Tilt Controls?

Currently am playing through Mario & Luigi Dream Team and i got through half the game.
All i can say is that tilting requires some patching up. Tilting with mouse while most of people use 2 hands on keyboard is already pretty hard to do and with this sensitivity is almost impossible.

Most of the special attacks in game require you to use tilting and the game obviously requires you to do it good.

So far i’ve found 2 methods.
a) to slow the game down(a lot) so you have more control over it
b) change sensitivity in motion_emu.cpp (but thats not available for everybody to do, me including)

So the question is, is Citra devs are planning on making tilt controls settings possible?
Because it can be easily fixed if there would be an option to set tilting to keyboard instead of mouse and/or manage sensitivity.

Did you try going to Emulation > Configure > Input > Motion / Touch?
also, you can use many different devices currently.

@bio3c At first i didn’t know what you were talking about.
I checked my current Citra theres no Motion/Touch in Input
Checked for updates and even reinstalled it. Still no Motion/Touch
And then i decided to check Canary build.

Thank you good sir. Without you i would never know that these actually exist.
Since while installing, it doesn’t really specify the difference between what each build can do.

that info is on the download page:

edit: if you want to know more about the features that are added onto canary build first, check out the canary merge log:

@bio3c Thanks again, even though my hope was short-lived.
Since it turns out you cannot make the sensitivity lower than the default one that Citra has.
Only higher. Which was the issue in the first place. I guess thats why these setting are only in the Canary build.

Try manually editing the config file. Controls > motion_device > sensitivity.

Where is the location of the config file?