SetTransferEndInterrupt:248: (STUBBED) in Rune Factory 4

I have a problem with Rune Factory 4, I’ve played it for 3-4 times with audio cracking problem but it’s not a big deal. Today I’m trying to start the game and the citra-qt.exe window said
Service.Y2R core\hle\service\y2r_u.cpp:Service::Y2R::SetTransferEndInterrupt:248: (STUBBED)

and the game is super-lagging now, my character can’t even walk in the game.
it’s Intel Pentium 2020M @2.40GHz
Ram : 4 GB
Window 10
AMD Radeon HD 7500/7600 Series

I’m new in here, apologize for any mistakes I did.

here is the reason why the massive lag, this cpu is weak. and the console log is unrelated

looks like you are using the nightly build, try switching to bleeding edge for some performance gain,otherwise you will have to wait for optimization

so Service.Y2R core\hle\service\y2r_u.cpp:Service::Y2R::SetTransferEndInterrupt:248: (STUBBED)
is not about there is something missing in the file but it’s about my cpu is not good enought right? I’m not sure cause before that I still played Sims4 and Sims3.

BTW thx for your answer!

this just a stub and it does not have to do with anything.

different games run in different speeds in citra but the general rule is the more objects on screen to draw the slower citra becomes, citra also depends heavily on cpu power (specifically in single core performance)

awww does it mean I can’t play it anymore? it hurts me somehow lol
thank you, I feel better cause it’s just the CPU’s problem. I will play it i another PC then