Setup updater gets stuck

I downloaded the citra emulator, But when I open the exe file nothing happens and just gets stuck on the same screen.

System Information

Hmm, looks like the installer broke or something. Did you try redownloading the file? If that doesn’t help, @Selby you might want to look into this? (As you know everything about the updater.)

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Yes I have already tried reĂŻnstalling it a couple of times :confused:

I have same issue can someone help?

Try change DNS to like Google’s or setup HTTP proxy in the installer’s settings or use a VPN(confirmed to work).

Most likely your country has issues connecting to GitHub, maybe call your ISP and ask why it is slow?

If it is not a download issue check your antivirus software. Unplug any controller if you have, some just crash Citra for some reason.