Shared Fonts Crash

No idea if this is known already but if it is, please delete. I’ve been using unofficial and older versions of citra but with the recent GPU development I switched over to Canary. I noticed that one of my games would immediately crash on startup. I switched back to the older and unofficial to test out and I noticed that in the latest Canary that Citra wouldn’t ask for shared fonts and instead just completely crash whereas before you could just click cancel and proceed normally. Obviously doing the shared fonts fixed my crashing issues so just a heads up.

By that you mean re-dumping the system archives?

Yeah I mean re-dumping the system archives. Latest Canary instantly crashes instead of asking for you to do it like in previous versions.

When a system archive isn’t found, the emulator backend just pushes the message out the door, and the frontend displays the message. That prompt asking you to dump the files shouldn’t be affecting whether the game crashes or not.

Of course the prompt doesn’t cause the crash, it’s the missing system archives or something along those lines. I’m just saying that where the prompt would popup in previous versions, it doesn’t on the latest Canary. And on the previous versions you could skip it entirely and continue just fine whereas latest would crash (at least for MH4U) and not know what caused said crash unless you’ve seen it and compared with previous experience. Said crash doesn’t write any logs either (at least when I tested).

I’m not sure why the prompt wouldn’t be showing up, I’d be interested if anyone else can reproduce it. In the event that, for whatever reason, it doesn’t show up (Or if the SDL2 frontend is being used.), the error will still be logged.