Shared fonts not found (pokemon rumble)

I need help the moment I open the rum pokemon rumble I get the screen in black and I get a message saying the following shared sources not found

Do you know anything about this? I need help please

Have you followed ?


PLz read through faq before posting here

There another question related to this topic?

Can you explain this to me? I do not understand

The message box tells you that the shared fonts is missing. It gives a link to the guide to dump them from your 3DS (Selby even linked it for you).

I know but at the moment I click on the link I try to understand what says homebrew launcher I click and it leaves a list of games where I have to select one but it has to be my game (pokemon rumble) and it is not

Do you have a 3DS do dump the files from?

I do not have a 3ds to dump files

Then there is nothing we can do to help you

OK thank you very much

If you don’t have a 3DS, then how did you get the game in the first place?