Shared Fonts Not Found Warning

I’m having problems with some games. There are some game like Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask that I can play without errors, but there are other games like Kingdom Hearts 3D or Mario World 3D that when I run the game it appear this message:
This only hapen with some games, and those games run with errors or low velocity. I can play those games, but with a very very low accurracity.
What I have to do to solve this problem? What are those “additional files” that require to play KH3D or Mario World?
Thank You.

You need to dump them from your 3DS:

But… I don’t have a 3DS xDD, just citra. This will be solved in the future?

I don’t have a 3DS

You need a 3DS to dump yours games, piracy isn’t supported here.

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we cannot legally distribute the nintendo shared fonts as its copyrighted material. instead, we made our own shared font replacement, which is currently in testing and development in the latest canary builds. so try canary and see if it works (if it doesn’t then theres a bug)

Thanks. Canary version run the games better than Nightly? Or the only new is the shared fonts?

Canary always has a number of experimental features that aren’t yet in Nightly. Some improve performance, some improve accuracy, the open source shared font is just one of them.

ok, thanks. So Canary is the best and updated version. And nightly is deprecated

No, Nightly isn’t deprecated. When the features in Canary are considered stable enough, they are merged into Nightly.