Shared saves (how to?)

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I am currently trying to share saves among 2 PCs running Yuzu on my LAN so that I can play on 1 PC, save my game and then later continue the game on the 2nd PC without having to copy all save files every time I switch rigs.

I thought I’d modify the path for the NAND in the settings (Settings → System → Filesystem) and point to my NAS that is always ON (I know it might introduce latency but let’s save that for a later discussion).

I setup both PCs to have Yuzu running with the same profiles name (users). However, the save files are located in a folder following this pattern:
Thus I face the problem of having 2 different folders corresponding each to the (same) user on each PC since the RandomStringOfCharactersCorrespondingToTheUserProfile is not identical.

I was thinking I could use a symlink to point one folder to the other on the NAS but It doesn’t seem to work (mklink gives me the following error message: “The file or directory is not a reparse point.” Probably due to the fact that the NAS is not an NTFS volume but I’m not sure…).

I am now wondering if there was a way to make the RandomStringOfCharactersCorrespondingToTheUserProfile be the same on both PCs. When I look into the settings in Yuzu, there doesn’t seem to be any link between this RandomStringOfCharactersCorrespondingToTheUserProfile and the also-random-looking string of Characters that is displayed under the profile name in Settings->System->Profiles->Users.

I wonder if I could change that by editing some config file or something like that.

Thank you very much in advance for your feedback and advice.


In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

It’d be easier - safer to just copy your saves manually between the two yuzu instances. Syncing windows folders isn’t entirely something we help with.

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Do you know how this RandomStringOfCharactersCorrespondingToTheUserProfile is determined and were it is stored (config files). Maybe I could manually edit it?

I’m actually wondering why the RandomStringOfCharactersCorrespondingToTheUserProfile is not just the name of the Profile… Wouldn’t it make things easier?

I don’t believe you can edit the string with ease or without issue sadly. Ask Narr or Morph in the discord they may be able to help further.

maybe I can edit profiles.dat
I’ll give it a try

not so simple unfortunately.
I cannot just copy profiles.dat from one PC to the other in order to have the profiles path match for save files

I hoped it would work since profiles.dat contains strings of characters followed by the name of the profile corresponding to each user. And since these strings are the same length as the RandomStringOfCharactersCorrespondingToTheUserProfile I hoped it could be some kind of correlation table for the path of the save files…

:pray: see if they can help you.

@asheenlevrai Did you ever end up figuring this out. Your post describes my exact train of thought in trying to get configure some sort of cloud saving with OneDrive.

I see multiple userProfile hashes and I’m trying to get to where I can use ONE across multiple yuzu instances/PC’s. Your post is the only thing I can find with someone looking into doing this, so I’m praying you’ve figured something out :slight_smile:

Got this answered. Copy the contents of the user folder into the each portable install of Yuzu you’re using on different PCs. Keep the nand and sdmc folders in cloud storage to be sync’d and point each one to these folders. They should now all be using the same user and thus reference the same profile hash thing for saves.

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Thanks a lot for figuring this out. I had given up.

I’m not sure I fully understand your instructions though. Could you please walk me through (like a kid :wink: )?
Thanks a lot