Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers HD Texture Pack

UPDATE 02-09-22:
In the first version, I didn’t upscale the backgrounds of the images, only the characters and demons, now I’m providing a version with the upscale of the backgrounds including.

I used the Lollypop model this time, it looks like it improved some images over Yandere NMKD


Hello everyone, this is my first post in the community, I’ m a complete noob in the world of texture pack, but i tried to create a little HD texture pack for Soul Hackers.

I used ESRGAN for upscale textures in the game( model NMKD UltraYandere 4x), I don´t upscale videos because the size of the files stayed in 13 GB, but all demons in the game and almost characters textures is upscaled, many dungeons textures is upscaled.

I recommend using textures at 4x in Citra to the best experience

I have the texture files to the game, If anyone want to try to improve something (or do something totally different) just talk to me.

English isn’t my first language, if I wrote something wrong, I apologize.


.Download the HD TEXTURE PACK
.Go to Citra and right click on your game,click to Open Custom Texture Location
.Paste the contents of the file you downloaded here (the file goes inside a folder called 00040000000C5600(game ID) paste the content that is inside this folder in your game’s textures folder)
. Enable Citra to use custom textures by going to the option in Citra Emulation/Configure/Graphics and enable the box named Use Custom Textures
.Enjoy the game!

Size: 1.6 GB
Soul Hackers HD Textures 2.0