Shin Megami Tensei IV apocolypse look for reli could not parse mov! error

Cant figure how to get past the could not parse mov! error in smt 4 apocloypse hoping someone can help me figure a way around it.
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This message does not turn up on recent versions of Citra.

I believe I’m using the most current version of citra/ i tried bleeding edge newest nightly build and something called canary but i will try again. Thank you for the help

Still got the message even when downloading newest version of citra

will fill stats out tonight sorry about that

windows 10
core i 5 inside intel
smt 4 a (smt 4 original works for me no issue.
Citra Nightly HEAD81fbe06

Update to the latest canary, bleeding edge is outdated now.

Just tried canary still having the same problem

What’s the problem, the could not parse mov error, or the texture type error? There’s another topic for the former here.

Yep this is identical to the issue I am having. I’m assuming this was never fixed or still an issue to this point.

Yeah, that topic is still active. Closing this one in favor of it.