Significant performance difference between Canary and Nightly builds

Issue: Significant performance difference between Canary and Nightly builds

System Information

  • Operating System: Win 7 x64
  • CPU: i7 2600k @ 4.2 GHz
  • GPU: 1080 GTX (Non-Ti)
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Canary-9af8fc8 Nightly-2af6cb1
  • Game: Dragon Quest VII - Fragments of the Forgotten Past

Not sure if this is an issue or not, but I’m seeing a good 25-30% performance delta between the current Nightly and Canary builds, both using the same settings. I’m not sure if this is typical, or hinting at some other problem. If this performance delta is typical, then disregard as an issue.

Canary currently has the texture cache rewrite which is still under review is probably what increases performance in this game.

Makes sense. I’m not surprised Canary is faster, but it’s at least 40%, which seemed overly much. When texture catch rewrite gets pushed, I’ll see if that helps the performance out in the nightly.

Just wanted to confirm something was in Canary that could explain the difference; sometimes there’s a legit problem under the hood.

how do i push citra canary to the max performance help anyone!!

Please open your own topic and post a log file, there is no need to revive a 4 year old topic for this.