Sleep mode? or anything like that

I was wondering if anyone is working on making something like a sleep mode,
one that makes time pass at whatever rate u want if posible,

I was wondering because I have played bravely default for over a 100 hours,
but did not gain even 1 SP during that time,

but back to the topic, there are a lot of games where making the game act like x amount of time has passed would be helpful.

so, is anyone working on this, if no are there any plans?

this is not a demand or even a request, I am just asking and putting the idea out there in case of the very very very small chance no one has thought of that before.

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@anyone who can answer me.

Please don’t bump your own threads. When anyone has got an answer, they will reply. Personally, I don’t think it will currently important for this to be implemented.

I’m currently thinking about implementing deterministic time emulation, which will allow you to set the emulator time. Will that work out for you?

thank you for the reply,
and while “implementing deterministic time emulation, which will allow you to set the emulator time.” went over my head,
i just wanted to know if it was being worked on, u gave me the ans " I don’t think it will currently important for this to be implemented."
thank you.

Sorry, if I offended you, but that’s my personal opinion. There are a lot of features pending review now…

About the time emulation, I'll explain: Basically, currently, the time the emulator uses is the CPU time. After the implementation is done, you would be able to set any time you want, just like an Android/iOS device. See this.

depending on if it takes it as,
the game is open and time passed, or
u closed the game changed the time and started it again,
depending on how the game takes it the result will be very different.

lastly but maybe most importantly, how will it process setting the time ahead and then back to normal?

i took a quick look at the link u gave, and while i have almost no knowledge with programing, that are the problems that i see may pop up.

to finish off, u did not offend me, i just wanted a “no not being done” or a "yes we are working on it"
and u gave me an answer, so no i am not offended i am thankful for the answer.

The link will gave you the technical details. Basically, it will find the difference between the time u set & the system time. Let the result be a variable called offset. It will return the current system time + offset everytime the game asks for the time, so it sholud be quite fine with changing offsets & the offset being 0 (or negative, if you wish to time travel to the past).

For what it’s worth, you can use Cheat Engine to change the number of Sleep Points you have.

Then please give instructions on how to use it to increase SP